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Assessment Community Weekly 1/14/19

Good afternoon all. We hope your 2019 is off to a smooth start.

2019 Enhanced STAR IVP Reports

We’ve heard from some of you who are looking for the 2019 IVP eligibility reports. To accommodate the changes to the program, this year we’ll issue multiple reports. Expect the first report in mid-February, with subsequent reports to follow. 

Do you publish your tentative roll prior to the first report? Fear not. The law authorizes you to update the roll after the reports without action by the board of assessment review. 

Stay tuned for details about the reports in early February. 

State legislation status chart

Current status of property tax-related legislation is updated to begin tracking this year’s bills. Since the legislative session just began last week, the lists are currently empty. Expect that to change this week after the Governor introduces his 2019-20 Executive Budget proposal. 

For prior year bills, visit Real property tax legislation summaries.