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Assessment Community Weekly 12/03/18

Updated Property Tax Credit Lookup tool now available

We’ve launched an updated version of the Property Tax Credit lookup tool. The new version will display 2017 and 2018 STAR and property tax relief credits as they are issued. To ensure taxpayer privacy, users are required to enter a figure from a New York State tax return filed for one of the past five tax years.

Worksheets for some Enhanced STAR IVP participants

We are beginning to mail letters and worksheets to a small percentage of Enhanced STAR IVP participants. We need additional information to confirm income eligibility for these property owners. Recipients should complete the worksheet using 2017 tax year information.

If you are contacted by a senior regarding this worksheet, the law authorizes assessors to assist the individual with the form.

If there are questions that you can’t answer, you can:

  • direct the property owner to call our STAR call center (518-457-2036), or
  • contact our Assessor/Director Hotline (518-457-9053; please don’t provide this number to property owners—it is for your use only).

Reminder: Review your Web browser security

Beginning on December 4, New York State websites will require visitors’ Web browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and so on) to use a minimum security protocol known as TLS1.2. This will help to ensure Web security for state agencies and our users.

You can easily check to see if your Web browser meets this standard by visiting If your Web browser is compliant, you will receive this message:

You have successfully connected using TLS1.2.
No further action is needed.

If your browser is not compatible, use the Web browser update instructions to update your settings.