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Assessment Community Weekly 11/13/18

Nine days until Thanksgiving! How is that possible?!?!

Property tax credit checks update

We have mailed the vast majority of STAR and property tax relief credit checks. We will continue to issue small batches of checks as homeowners respond to our outreach and provide requested information.

If you are contacted by a homeowner who believes they are eligible but did not receive a check, please direct them to call us:

  • STAR credit: 518-457-2036
  • Property tax relief credit: 518-453-8146

Enhanced STAR Term Year—to 2049 or not to 2049?

In RPSV4, the field Term Year refers to the last year that an exemption is valid for an individual property. Traditionally, most of you enter 2049 in Term Year when a property has the Enhanced STAR exemption and is in the Income Verification Program (IVP). This suppresses the generation of Enhanced STAR renewal letters for those who are already enrolled and are not required to renew. In light of the IVP becoming mandatory in 2019, our recommendations regarding renewal letters and the Term Year field are below.

  • Existing Enhanced STAR recipients: We recommend that you use one of the renewal letters (available in RPSV4, RPS335 and on STAR information for local officials) to notify those Enhanced STAR recipients who are not in the IVP that they must enroll to continue receiving the exemption. Once Enhanced STAR recipients are enrolled in the mandatory IVP for the 2019 roll year, they will no longer need to annually reapply. Unless you wish to run custom reports (see below), you no longer need to place 2049 in Term Year.
  • New Enhanced STAR applicants: New Enhanced STAR applicants must enroll in the IVP when they apply for the exemption. You will no longer be required to mail renewal letters, so you do not need to enter a value in Term Year.
  • 2049 and Custom Reports: If you want to run custom reports to distinguish between those enrolled in IVP and those who are not, you can continue to enter 2049 in the Term Year field.

IVP reminder: Ensure your transmittal totals are accurate

Please double-count the number of forms in your batches to ensure that the total on your transmittal form is accurate. When the total doesn’t match the number of IVP forms, processing and data entry may be delayed.