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Assessment Community Weekly 11/05/18

With Veterans Day approaching, the ORPTS community extends its deepest gratitude to you and your family members who fought and served for our nation.

IVP reminder: Ensure your transmittal totals are accurate

Thank you to the hundreds of assessors who have transmitted IVP forms to us. Please double count the number of forms in your batches to ensure that the total on your transmittal form is accurate. When the total doesn’t match the number of IVP forms, processing and data entry may be delayed.

Out dials to property owners

After property owners submit forms or correspondence to us regarding property tax benefits, we occasionally call them to clarify or request additional information. If you’re contacted by a property owner regarding such a call, please encourage them to call the number provided by our representative:

  • Property tax relief credit: 518-453-8146
  • STAR credit or IVP: 518-457-2036

Reminder: Partial payment of taxes option

Chapter 59 of the Laws of 2017 authorized local governments to offer programs for the partial payment of taxes. Prior to this legislation, only counties were generally authorized to adopt such programs. This legislation allows the governing body of any municipal corporation that employs a collecting officer to pass a resolution authorizing that officer to accept partial payments under the conditions specified in the resolution. Municipalities adopting such a resolution may provide for a service charge of up to ten dollars to be added to each partial payment. School districts are also empowered to establish partial payment programs, subject to certain conditions where school taxes are payable to a collecting officer of a city or town.

For a recent article in the Glens Falls Post Star about the Town of Queensbury (Warren County), which adopted this option, 63 Queensbury residents choose to pay partial school taxes

Judicial cases

New Judicial cases webpage:

  • 45 Great Jones Apt. Corp. V Tax Comm. of the City of New York