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Assessment Community Weekly 10/29/18

Lots of IVP news this week, but that’s not all…

New RPS update released

Release 2016.3319 is now available from Real Property System updates. For details, see the release notes (login required).

Enhanced STAR IVP tool now available

The IVP tool is now open and available for editing. The tool will no longer close for processing. Instead, we will provide periodic reports in the STAR eligibility section of the Online Assessment Community.

For help with the tool, use the new Enhanced STAR IVP Tool User Guide. The guide is available on STAR information for local officials and by selecting Get Help in the IVP tool.

Although we’ll be entering the data from your IVP forms into the system, you’ll continue to update records where there have been changes due to ownership, residency, or death.

Hold onto those IVP forms

Watch your email this week for how to transmit your IVP forms to us for data entry.

Heads up: Seniors may attempt to use new Medicare numbers instead of their Social Security numbers

The federal government is issuing new Medicare cards to seniors that replace their SSNs with new unique Medicare numbers. Some seniors have asked local officials if they should use the Medicare number instead of their SSN on the IVP form. Please ensure that the IVP forms include correct SSNs before transmitting them to us.

Thanks to Columbia County Director Suzette Booy for that tip.


Q. If I determine that an Enhanced STAR applicant is not eligible for the exemption, should I still provide the IVP form to the Tax Department for data entry?

A. The answer depends on why the property owner is not eligible. If it’s due to income, provide the IVP form to us; we’ll enter the data. But if it’s for residency or age reasons, do not transmit the form or enter the data in the IVP tool. The applicant should re-apply if they believe they meet the age and primary residency requirements in a future year, and the IVP form should be provided to the Tax Department at that time.

For answers to other IVP questions, see Enhanced STAR Income Verification Program: Questions and answers for assessors.