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New electronic method to transmit IVP forms 10/24/18

In response to your requests, we now have a secure email option for you to transmit your IVP forms for data entry. You will need a Secure Communications (SCOM) account to email the forms. 

To request a SCOM account, email Include your name, municipality, and phone number. We will email account information and instructions to you.

To ensure the security of the forms, do not send them through your regular email.

Reminder: Regardless of the method you use, include Form RP-425.5-IVP, Enhanced STAR IVP RP-425-IVP Transmittal Form, with each batch of IVP forms.

Access the transmittal form and complete instructions How to transmit IVP forms to the Tax Department. 

If you have questions, use your regular email account to contact