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Assessment Community Weekly 10/22/18

It was great to meet with hundreds of you at the conferences and RPTAC over the past three weeks. We greatly appreciate your feedback and dialogue.

IVP news

We’ve received more than 5,000 IVP forms from you already. This week we’ll announce a new secure email option to transmit the forms to us. In the meantime, you can continue to fax, email, or hand-deliver the forms. Visit How to transmit IVP forms to the Tax Department for details, and stay tuned for an announcement about the new transmittal method.

For those faxing your IVP forms, store the forms securely for two weeks so that we can contact you if you there are any transmission issues. After that time, or after spot-checking to ensure the records have been entered into the IVP tool, securely shred the forms. (To protect property owner privacy, assessors should not retain IVP forms long-term.) 

IVP data entry tip 

When entering new records in the IVP tool, please ensure that parcel identifiers are data-entered exactly as they appear on the assessment roll. Although it was not critical in the past, doing so allows us to efficiently match the IVP data to the roll data when it’s loaded to our processing system.

The parcel identifier is the data item that uniquely identifies a property on the assessment roll.  It usually consists of all numbers and some punctuation such as dots, dashes, and slashes.  It is also referred to as the print-key, section/block/lot or S/B/L, tax map ID, or parcel ID.

Act now to assist seniors

There are several options to help seniors who miss the senior citizens exemption deadline, but each option requires your town board or city council to pass a local law.

There are several months until the exemption deadline in most localities, so now is a great time to discuss these options with your elected officials. (As you know, passing a local law can take multiple board meetings.)

You can review the deadline extension options here: Assisting seniors who missed the exemption application deadline.

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