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Assessment Community Weekly 10/01/18

Great talking with many of you this morning at the NYS Assessors’ Association Conference in Binghamton! Thank you for all that you do on behalf of your property owners!

Lots of news this week! Please read each of the five announcements below.

2018 cost data now available

Contact your ORPTS Regional Liaison to get the 2018 update. Special thanks to Charli Lewis of Essex County—ride on!

ORPTS training schedule

We’ve updated the ORPTS training schedule through April, 2019. Questions? Email or call 518-474-1764.

Many thanks

A few of you prompted us about an issue regarding deletion of records in the IVP tool. In response to your input, we isolated and repaired an issue regarding records that were entered between 1/1/2018 and 9/7/2018. We thank you for the heads-up, and we’re grateful for your patience. 

RPSV4 Data Anomaly Finder

At the June ACES sessions we previewed three reports to identify potential issues in RPSV4.

Today we’re launching the RPSV4 Data Anomaly Finder (DAF). We’ve expanded the tool into 27 reports. Download the tool, instructions, and a how-to document from Assessment Community Enterprise System.

Ready, set, send us your IVP forms!

We are ready to start receiving your IVP forms. To assist you with this task, we have created step-by-step instructions.

Things to consider:

  • Transmit the forms weekly, unless the volume exceeds 500 forms.
  • Transmit volumes exceeding 500 more frequently.
  • Batch mobile homes and cooperatives separately, and provide a separate transmittal form.

See How to transmit IVP forms to the Tax Department for detailed instructions. The webpage also provides instructions to fax, mail and hand deliver the forms to us. In addition, stay tuned for an additional electronic transmittal option. Regardless of the delivery method, please include a transmittal form (available from the instructions page).