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Assessment Community Weekly 09/17/18

Ethics recertification reminder

With the October 1, 2019, reappointment date just over a year away, it’s not too early to plan for your required ethics recertification. Re-appointed and re-elected assessors and county directors must take approved ethics training no more than one year prior to or one year after reappointment or reelection to office. New assessors and new county directors must take an approved ethics course within a year of taking office.

For approved courses and more information, see Ethics component.

IVP updates

Regardless of your assessment calendar or whether your school district levies on a prior year roll, all Enhanced STAR applicants or renewals must include Form RP-425-IVP along with their STAR application. You can begin accepting applications immediately.

Stay tuned for an email later this week when we re-launch the Enhanced STAR Income Verification Program (IVP) tool. That email will include instructions to send your IVP forms to us.

The IVP tool will be available year-round for editing. It will no longer close for processing and re-open for reporting. Instead, we will provide periodic reports to you in the STAR Eligibility section of the Online Assessment Community.

Reminder: Renewal letter templates

To help you spread the word about changes to the Enhanced STAR program, we’ve published three new renewal letter templates for your use. These letters are also available in RPSV4. There is a template for each of these renewal scenarios:

  • Enhanced STAR exemption only
  • Senior citizens exemption only (previously registered in the IVP)
  • Enhanced STAR and senior citizens exemptions

Users of other software: Visit STAR information for local officials to download the letters as Microsoft Word documents.