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Assessment Community Weekly 09/07/18

We’re issuing an early edition of the newsletter to make you aware of upcoming downtime for the IVP tool. Look for the next Assessment Community Weekly on Monday, September 17.

IVP tool downtime

The Enhanced STAR IVP tool will be unavailable beginning at 4:00 p.m. today. This will enable us to make necessary updates for 2019 processing and the changes to the IVP program. We’ll let you know when the tool is available again later this month.

As we’ve previously announced, the IVP tool will no longer close for reporting purposes as it had in prior years. Instead, it will be available year-round for editing. We will publish periodic reports for your use.

Also, stay tuned for instructions to provide your IVP forms to us for data entry.

Reminder: Direct property owners with questions about STAR credits to our representatives

To provide property owners with their STAR and property tax relief credit checks prior to the deadline for paying school property taxes, we’ve begun issuing both types of checks. If we need additional information to confirm eligibility, we’ll send a letter and worksheet to the property owner. If you’re contacted by a property owner who received a letter, direct them to the appropriate Tax Department telephone number:

  • STAR credit: 518-457-2036
  • Property tax relief credit: 518-453-8146

IVP posters and pamphlets

By now you’ve likely received 50 pamphlets and two posters for each of your localities.

If you need more copies, print them directly from the links below, or contact your Regional Liaison.

  • Pamphlet (8.5 x 11)
  • Poster (11 x 17)