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Assessment Community Weekly 08/27/18

Final reminder: Review your sales reports by August 31

It’s crucial that you review your sales reports because we use that data to begin the process of calculating 2018 equalization rates and RARs. The reports are available in the Online Assessment Community.

For details see:

Link update: RP-467-I

The instructions for Form RP-467 have a new form number: RP-467-I. (Previously, it was RP-467-Ins.) We updated the hyperlink to the instructions to reflect the change:


If you connect to the instructions from your local website, please update the link.

IVP related forms update

To assist seniors who download forms from our website, we’ve updated our Enhanced STAR and senior citizens exemption forms to include the IVP form and STAR form, where appropriate:

Good cause option for seniors who missed the STAR application deadline

As school tax bills hit mailboxes, you may hear from seniors who missed the Enhanced STAR application deadline. 2018 marks the third year that the Tax Department can grant the Enhanced STAR exemption where the deadline was missed for good cause.

By law, this provision only applies to Enhanced STAR renewals. It does not apply to:

  • first-time Enhanced STAR applications,
  • Basic STAR, or
  • senior citizens exemption applications.

The letter must be mailed no later than the last day for paying school taxes without incurring interest or penalty. Instructions and more information: Late Enhanced STAR applications due to good cause.

For more options to extend the deadline for the senior citizens and Enhanced STAR exemptions under certain circumstances, see: Assisting seniors who missed the exemption application deadline.

STAR credit question and answer

We hear this was a hotly debated topic in one recent gathering of local officials. Here’s the answer, which we’ve also added to Questions and answers for homeowners about the STAR credit program.

Q. I own my single-family home and have been residing in it for over a decade but I never applied for the Basic STAR exemption. Am I eligible for the Basic STAR exemption now, or do I have to register for the STAR credit with the Tax Department?

A. Since you weren't receiving the STAR exemption on the property in 2015, you're not eligible to receive the exemption. You should register with the Tax Department for the credit.