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Assessment Community Weekly 06/25/18

We look forward to meeting with the nearly 250 of you who RSVP’d for the ACES sessions! See you soon!

Planning to request a utility advisory appraisal? 

If you’re conducting a reassessment, and you expect to request a utility advisory appraisal, please submit Form RP-7021, Utility Advisory Appraisal Request, no later than 270 days prior to your tentative roll date by August 1 for localities using the standard assessment calendar. If you submitted a request recently, please send an updated form if you have new utility companies or new facilities constructed in your municipality since submitting that form. 

Going, going, gone . . .

The State Legislature wrapped up its ordinary legislative session last week, but not before passing a flurry of bills. This year, more than 60 property tax-related bills passed both Houses. Only four of those have been delivered to the Governor thus far.

Keep up to date with the progress of these bills at Current status of property tax-related legislation.

Judicial cases

New Judicial cases

  • Salvador v Town of Queensbury
  • Matter of County of Broome