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Assessment Community Weekly 05/21/18

Please complete our ACES survey 

Staff from ORPTS and the NYS Office for Information Technology Services have been busily working with the thirteen pilots and Tyler Technologies on the development of the new ACES product.

Your participation in this brief ACES survey will help us to provide you with a system that meets the needs of you and your colleagues.

New Income Verification Program (IVP) overview 

Please review the new Overview of 2019 Mandatory Enhanced STAR Income Verification Program.

Watch your email for upcoming webinars on this topic. 

In the meantime, we’re working on updates to the impacted RP-425 and RP-467 forms. In addition, we’ll provide you with palm cards and posters to help explain the new requirements.

As we noted last week, until the new forms are available, if a property owner inquires about applying or reapplying for an Enhanced STAR exemption, please inform them that they will also be required to provide you with Form RP-425-IVP, Application for the Enhanced STAR Income Verification Program

Those who have recently moved or who are receiving the STAR credit will continue to be eligible for the credit, rather than the exemption.

You can continue to enter the data from IVP applications into the IVP application in the Online Assessment Community.

Updated full value tax rates

Last week we updated the Overall full-value tax rates by county (all taxing purposes): 2007–2016.