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Assessment Community Weekly 04/23/18

Last week was very busy! Thank you for taking the time to read our multiple postings as we give you up-to-the minute news as tentative roll date approaches! We’re sharing some of the information again below in case you missed it (ICYMI).

RPSV4 STAR maximums update

Last week we announced that STAR Savings Maximums for 2018 are available on our website. In addition, the corresponding RPSV4 update is now available. To automatically load the new maximums into V4, visit Real Property System and run the April 19, 2018, update. The update will not change the level number of your database. Replication users should run the update at the consolidated site and each remote site. 

Final railroad ceilings

On Tuesday, April 17, we mailed the final 2018 railroad ceilings to the 308 towns and 35 cities that have railroad property.

ICYMI: Telecommunications ceilings

Following the extension of the Telecommunications Ceiling Program in the 2018-19 Enacted State Budget, the ceilings are now available. Assessors should receive paper notices in the mail this week. In the meantime, county directors and ORPTS regional liaisons can provide you with the values if you need them prior to receiving your notice.

Many thanks to the county directors for helping us to disseminate the values this year!

ICYMI: STAR Ineligible Reports

We reviewed the income of STAR exemption recipients across New York State and determined who is ineligible due to the $500,000 income limit.

Visit Online Assessment Community to access the STAR Ineligible Reports for your jurisdiction. See April 20 posting for instructions. (Use Internet Explorer to access prior Assessment Community Weekly postings.)

We’ll mail denial letters to the property owners whom we determined are no longer eligible for the Basic STAR exemption. You do not need to mail exemption removal notices to these property owners.