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Assessment Community Weekly 04/02/18

Congratulations to the New York State Assessors’ Association on their new website! Sharp!

RARs update

We made 2018 Residential Assessment Ratios for all jurisdictions with tentative roll dates through June 1 (except Glen Cove). Find your RAR on Municipal Profiles.

Training update

ORPTS training schedule

We updated ORPTS training schedule courses through October. If you have questions, email or call 518-474-1764.

BAR training schedule

County directors: we updated BAR training schedule on March 28. If you have changes or additions to the list, please email

Update on Form RP-7114, Municipal Report of Special Franchise Activity

We’ve recently heard from some of you about new types of equipment attached to special franchise property:

  • smart meters,
  • small cell installations,
  • antennas and related equipment (normally affixed or mounted on a utility or light pole with items like optical repeaters),
  • wavelength division multiplexers (DWDM), and
  • coarse wavelength-division multiplexers (CWDM). 

We have not determined whether such equipment is special franchise property. 

To request our determination, work with your municipal clerk to report such equipment on Form RP-7114. We made the clerks aware of the new equipment last week in an email reminding them to submit the form by April 16.

RPTAC Valuation Issues Team

Many thanks to the members of the Valuation Issues Team for their ongoing commitment. The team is meeting on Wednesday, March 4 in Albany.