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Please complete the Municipal Report on Special Franchise Activity 03/09/18

Municipal Clerks,

Please take a moment to complete Form RP-7114, Municipal Report of Special Franchise Activity, for the 2017 calendar year.

Use Form RP-7114 to report:

  • special franchise boundary changes,
  • new special franchise, and
  • construction in the public right of way.

We ask that all municipalities complete this form, even if there were no changes last year. If there were no changes, simply:

  • enter the name and SWIS code in Part 1,
  • select no in part 2,
  • enter n/a in parts 3 and 4, and
  • ask your supervisor or mayor to complete part 6.

By April 16, please return the form and any attachments to the mailing address, fax number or email noted on the form. If you have questions, please email

While municipal clerks are responsible to complete and submit the form, we encourage you to work closely with your assessor and submit one form per municipality.

About special franchise property

Form RP-7114 captures changes to special franchise properties, which are assessed by New York State rather than by your assessor. By providing us with this information, you will help us to ensure that the assessments are accurate for your municipality.

Special franchise property generally includes all tangible utility real property that is:

  • located in, under, upon or above public places, such as streets, highways, water or other public places, and
  • not owned by the municipality.