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Fiscal year tax collections: 2022-2023

Annual statistical report of New York State tax collections statistical summaries and historical tables Fiscal Year 2023-2023

This edition presents information for New York State Fiscal Year 2023-2023 (SFY 2022-2023) which began April 1, 2022 and ended March 31, 2023.

During SFY 2022-2023, the tax department collected $108.6 billion from state-imposed taxes and fees as follows:

  • personal income tax—$58.8 billion
  • state sales tax plus excise and user taxes—$19.5 billion
  • business taxes—$26.5 billion
  • property transfer taxes—$3.6 billion
  • other taxes and fees—$0.2 billion

Note: The 2022-23 fiscal year report includes five years of history. For fiscal year data on collections for years prior to 2018-19 please see earlier fiscal year reports.