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Sales tax bulletins (by number)

A Tax Bulletin is an informational document designed to provide general guidance in simplified language on a topic of interest to taxpayers. It is accurate as of the date issued. However, taxpayers should be aware that subsequent changes in the Tax Law or its interpretation may affect the accuracy of a Tax Bulletin. The information provided in these documents does not cover every situation and is not intended to replace the law or change its meaning.


Sales tax bulletins (by number)
Number Title
TB-ST-5 Abstracts of Title and Other Public Records Searches
TB-ST-8 Admission Charges to a Place of Amusement
TB-ST-10 Advertising Services
TB-ST-15 Alcoholic Beverage Producers in New York State
TB-ST-25 Amending or Surrendering a Certificate of Authority
TB-ST-30 Amusement Parks - Admission, Ride, and Other Charges
TB-ST-40 Auto Repair and Body Shops
TB-ST-60 Beauty Salons, Barber Shops, and Hair Restoration Services
TB-ST-65 Beverages Sold by Food Stores, Beverage Centers, and Similar Establishments
TB-ST-70 Bulk Sales
TB-ST-75 Business Information for Sales Tax Purposes
TB-ST-103 Candy and Confectionery
TB-ST-104 Capital Improvements
TB-ST-105 Car Wash Services
TB-ST-107 Cartons, Containers, and Packaging Materials
TB-ST-110 Caterers and Catering Services
TB-ST-113 Certificate of Capital Improvement - Exemption Form ST-124
TB-ST-118 Certification Requirements for Businesses that Contract with New York State
TB-ST-122 Clothing and Footwear Exemption
TB-ST-125 College Textbooks
TB-ST-126 College Textbooks - Exemption Form ST-121.4
TB-ST-128 Computer Software
TB-ST-129 Contractors - Repair, Maintenance, and Installation Services to Real Property 
TB-ST-130 Contractors - Sales Tax Credits
TB-ST-135 Convenience Stores and Bodegas
TB-ST-140 Coupons and Food Stamps
TB-ST-142 Co-vendor Agreements
TB-ST-145 Customer Loyalty Cards
TB-ST-160 Dietary Foods and Health Supplements
TB-ST-163 Direct Payment Permits
TB-ST-175 Do I Need to Register for Sales Tax? 
TB-ST-190 Drop Shipments
TB-ST-193 Drugstores and Pharmacies
TB-MU-210 E-File Mandate for Businesses  
TB-MU-220 E-File Mandate for Tax Return Preparers  
TB-ST-235 Exempt Use Certificate (Form ST-121)
TB-ST-240 Exemption Certificates for Sales Tax
TB-ST-243 Exemptions for Computer System Hardware (Form ST-121.3)
TB-ST-244 Exemptions for Farmers and Commercial Horse Boarding Operators
TB-ST-245 Exemptions Relating to Guide, Hearing, and Service Dogs
TB-ST-253 Farmers and Commercial Horse Boarding Operators - Exemption Form ST-125
TB-ST-265 Filing a Final Sales Tax Return 
TB-ST-270 Filing Period Indicators on Final Sales Tax Returns
TB-ST-275 Filing Requirements for Sales and Use Tax Returns
TB-ST-276 Film Production in New York State
TB-ST-277 Florists: Sales of Flowers
TB-ST-280 Food and Beverages Sold from Vending Machines
TB-ST-283 Food and Food Products Sold by Food Stores and Similar Establishments
TB-ST-315 Government Employee Occupancy of Hotel Rooms - Exemption Form ST-129
TB-ST-320 Gratuities and Service Charges
TB-ST-326 Hair Removal Services
TB-ST-329 Health and Fitness Facilities and Athletic Clubs
TB-MU-350 Hiring Household Help
TB-ST-331 Hotel and Motel Occupancy
TB-ST-333 Hotel Services
TB-ST-340 Household Movers and Warehousers - General (permanent) storage and portable storage containers
TB-ST-341 Household Movers and Warehousers - Sales of moving services and related transactions
TB-ST-350 How to Apply for a Refund of Sales and Use Tax
TB-ST-360 How to Register for New York State Sales Tax
TB-ST-385 Industrial Development Agencies and Authorities
TB-ST-400 Interior Decorating and Design Services
TB-ST-405 Internet Data Centers
TB-ST-505 Landscapers 
TB-ST-525 Listings of Taxable and Exempt Foods and Beverages Sold by Food Stores and Similar Establishments
TB-ST-530 Lists of Exempt and Taxable Clothing, Footwear, and Items Used to Make or Repair Exempt Clothing
TB-ST-535 Live Dramatic and Musical Arts Performances - Exemption Form ST-121.9
TB-ST-551 Manicures and Pedicures
TB-ST-552 Machinery, Equipment, Materials, and Services Used in Production
TB-ST-554 Massage Services
TB-ST-555 Materialmen and the Pay-When-Paid Option
TB-ST-575 Miscellaneous Personal Services and Related Sales in New York City
TB-ST-587 Motor Fuel and Diesel Motor Fuel Used in Production
TB-ST-590 Motor Vehicles, Vessels, and Trailers
TB-ST-615 New York City Health and Fitness Facilities
TB-ST-620 Newspapers, Periodicals, and Shopping Papers
TB-ST-640 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes
TB-ST-665 Operators of Internet Data Centers (Web Hosting) - Exemption Form ST-121.5
TB-ST-677 Parking, Garaging, and Storing Motor Vehicles
TB-ST-679 Parking Services in New York City
TB-ST-685 Prepayment of Sales Tax on Cigarettes. This bulletin has been discontinued. For more information, see Prepaid sales tax on cigarettes.
TB-ST-690 Production Equipment and Utilities Used by Supermarkets, Grocery Stores and Delis
TB-ST-692 Promotional Materials - Exemption Form ST-121.2
TB-ST-695 Purchases by Restaurants, Taverns, and Similar Establishments
TB-ST-700 Purchases and Sales by Governmental Entities
TB-ST-730 QEZE Sales Tax Credit or Refund
TB-ST-740 Quick Reference Guide for Taxable and Exempt Property and Services
TB-ST-755 Racehorses
TB-ST-757 Racehorses - Exemption Form ST-126
TB-ST-765 Reciprocal Credit for Sales or Use Taxes Paid to Other Taxing Jurisdictions
TB-ST-770 Recordkeeping Requirements for Sales Tax Vendors
TB-ST-773 Research and Development
TB-ST-775 Residential Energy Sources and Services
TB-ST-805 Sales and Use Tax Penalties
TB-ST-806 Sales by Restaurants, Taverns, and Similar Establishments
TB-ST-807 Sales from Your Home
TB-ST-810 Sales Tax Credits
TB-ST-820 Sales Tax Rate Publications
TB-ST-825 Sales Tax Rates, Additional Sales Taxes, and Fees 
TB-ST-835 Sandwiches
TB-ST-836 Service Contracts and Extended Warranties 
TB-ST-838 Shipping and Delivery Charges
TB-ST-853 Tanning Salons
TB-ST-855 Tattooing and Permanent Make-up Services
TB-ST-860 Taxable Receipt
TB-ST-890 Tractors, Trailers, Semitrailers, or Omnibuses - Exemption Form ST-121.1
TB-ST-895 Transitional Provisions for Sales Tax Rate Changes
TB-ST-910 Use Tax for Businesses
TB-ST-913 Use Tax for Individuals (including Estates and Trusts) 
TB-ST-917 Utilities Used in Production
TB-ST-925 Vendor Collection Credit 
TB-ST-930 Veterinarians