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Sales tax advisory opinions - 1992 (TSB-A)

An Advisory Opinion is issued at the request of a person or entity.  It is limited to the facts set forth therein and is binding on the Department only with respect to the person or entity to whom it is issued and only if the person or entity fully and accurately describes all relevant facts.  An Advisory Opinion is based on the law, regulations, and Department policies in effect as of the date the Opinion is issued or for the specific time period at issue in the Opinion.

Sales tax advisory opinions - 1992 (TSB-A)
TSB-A-92(81)S Energy Saving Technologies, Inc.
TSB-A-92(80)S Maid in New York, Inc.
TSB-A-92(79)S Pattison, Koskey, Rath & Florio P.C.
TSB-A-92(78)S Shelter Rock Tennis Club, Inc.
TSB-A-92(77)S John O. Butler Company
TSB-A-92(76)S Armor Elevator Company, Inc.
TSB-A-92(75)S Kathleen Goode, C.P.A., P.C.
TSB-A-92(74)S Cobblestone Creek Country Club, Inc.
TSB-A-92(73)S Long Island Rubbish Removal West Nassau Corp.
TSB-A-92(72)S KMPG Peat Marwick
TSB-A-92(71)S Yates Group, Ltd.
TSB-A-92(70)S James River II Corporation
TSB-A-92(69)S Morris Shane
TSB-A-92(68)S Barrow Food Corporation
TSB-A-92(67)S Aaction, Inc.
TSB-A-92(66)S Costco Wholesale Corporation
TSB-A-92(65.1)S Johns' Insulation, Inc.
TSB-A-92(65)S Johns' Insulation, Inc.
TSB-A-92(64.1)S Price Chopper Operating Co., Inc.
TSB-A-92(64)S Price Chopper Operating Co., Inc.
TSB-A-92(63)S John Piccolo Catering, Inc.
TSB-A-92(62)S Tau Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.
TSB-A-92(61)S Galesi Enterprises
TSB-A-92(60)S Alan/Anthony, Inc.
TSB-A-92(59)S Guilderland Animal Hospital
TSB-A-92(58)S Network Service Management, Inc.
TSB-A-92(57)S Beechcraft East, Inc.
TSB-A-92(56)S George W. Long, Inc.
TSB-A-92(55)S Alan/Anthony, Inc.
TSB-A-92(54)S Damar Aviation
TSB-A-92(53)S D'Agostino General Contractors, Inc.
TSB-A-92(52)S Dale System Incorporated
TSB-A-92(51)S Alan/Anthony, Inc.
TSB-A-92(50)S Astrogamma Inc.
TSB-A-92(49)S Bobby O'Brians, Inc.
TSB-A-92(48)S Bloch Industries, Inc.
TSB-A-92(47)S Alan/Anthony, Inc.
TSB-A-92(46)S Morton L. Coren, P.C.
TSB-A-92(45)S The Grisanzio Corporation d/b/a North East Homes
TSB-A-92(44)S Alan/Anthony, Inc.
TSB-A-92(43)S Alcon Surgical, Inc.
TSB-A-92(42)S Alan/Anthony, Inc.
TSB-A-92(41)S Jon J. Ward
TSB-A-92(40)S Haunted Haywagon Rides, Inc.
TSB-A-92(39)S HDI Sylvan Pools, Inc.
TSB-A-92(38)S Data Exchange, Inc.
TSB-A-92(37)S Queens MRI Associates
TSB-A-92(36)S SSC Corp.
TSB-A-92(35)S Loren D. Caputo
TSB-A-92(34)S Windsor Square Homes Association
TSB-A-92(33)S Fred H. Geller & Co.
TSB-A-92(32)S Alan/Anthony, Inc.
TSB-A-92(31)S Hodgson, Russ, Andrews, Wood and Goodyear
TSB-A-92(30)S Trans World Airlines
TSB-A-92(29)S Morton L. Coren, P.C.
TSB-A-92(28)S Kingbrook Development Corporation
TSB-A-92(27)S Transervice Lease Corp.
TSB-A-92(26)S Paul Carucci and Co.
TSB-A-92(25)S Great Bons, Inc.
TSB-A-92(24)S Ocean Bay Park Hotel Owners, Inc., D/B/A Ocean Watch Beach Club
TSB-A-92(23)S Morton L. Coren, P.C.
TSB-A-92(22)S Western New York Venture Association, Inc.
TSB-A-92(21)S Mark R. Posner CPA
TSB-A-92(20)S Debbi Ann Ascher
TSB-A-92(19)S Advanced Technology Laboratories, Inc.
TSB-A-92(18)S Akins Construction Ltd.
TSB-A-92(17)S Central National Bank, Canajoharie
TSB-A-92(16)S Althin CD Medical, Inc.
TSB-A-92(15)S Helmel Engineering Products Inc.
TSB-A-92(14)S Teddy & Arthur Edelman Ltd.
TSB-A-92(13)S Bluff Point Golf and Country Club, Inc.
TSB-A-92(12)S Downtown Utica Development Association, Inc.
TSB-A-92(11)S Kohler Awning, Inc.
TSB-A-92(10)S Peerless-Winsmith, Inc.
TSB-A-92(9)S Salvage Management, Inc.
TSB-A-92(8)S Garpac Corporation
TSB-A-92(7)S Immediate Medical Records, Inc.
TSB-A-92(6)S Alan/Anthony, Inc.
TSB-A-92(5)S SEI
TSB-A-92(4)S Park Plaza Owners Corp.
TSB-A-92(3)S Crescent Metal Products, Inc.
TSB-A-92(2)S United Veterans Mutual Housing Company, Inc.
TSB-A-92(1)S One Call Systems, Inc.

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