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Form POA-1, Power of Attorney

Use the Tax Department’s POA web application to quickly and accurately complete and submit Form POA-1, Power of Attorney!

Taxpayers or their representatives may submit Form POA-1 using our web application, accessible from an Online Services account.

Benefits include:

  • guidance through the application using built-in messages and prompts to explain each line or section;
  • prepopulated information that we have on file for the taxpayer, including all tax types and collection, assessment, or audit cases; and
  • speed—your POA will be on file sooner!

To use our POA web application, simply:

  1. Log in to (or create) your Online Services account.
  2. Select Other tools (or Business tools) under the Services menu.
  3. Select File a power of attorney from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Complete the required data fields.
  5. Print and sign the form.
  6. Scan and attach the signed form to submit.

Important: Do not attach a paper Form POA-1 or another power of attorney that wasn’t generated by the web application. You must fax or mail your form.

Log in to file form POA-1 Create account

Attention tax professionals: You must add a taxpayer as a client in your Online Services account before you can create a POA on your client’s behalf.

If you are not ready to file electronically

You can still complete Form POA-1 using our web application. Just print and sign the form and send it directly to the Tax Department by fax (preferred) or mail, but not both.

If you still want to use the paper form

Continue to paper Form POA-1, Power of Attorney. See Form POA-1: additional information for detailed instructions.

Demo: File a power of attorney

Demo: File a power of attorney