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STAR Program Implementation Guide: What's new for 2024

  • You can now download each report as Microsoft Excel files. You will still have the option to download each report as a text file, but the Excel file will automatically open as a spreadsheet in Excel. See How to Access and Download STAR Reports for more information.

  • Each report now includes a property key for each parcel. ORPTS determines a unique seven-character property key for each parcel statewide. To facilitate improved communication, please include the property key whenever you submit STAR report changes

  • In the Income Greater than $250,000 Report (Report #2) you can now filter the report to only current parcels that need to be removed; parcels from prior years will not be included.

  • In the Voluntary Exemption Removal Report – Initial (Report #3) you can filter the report to only new parcels that need to be removed.

  • The Tentative and Final Roll Corrections Reports (Report #4 and #7) now have a status that indicates when an IVP enrollment has been closed.