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STAR exemption amounts for school year 2023–2024: Yates County

Yates County
Municipality Enhanced exemption Basic exemption Date certified
Town of Barrington $76,520 $28,200 04/06/2023
Town of Benton $74,890 $27,600 04/06/2023
Town of Italy $78,140 $28,800 04/06/2023
Town of Jerusalem $81,400 $30,000 04/06/2023
Town of Middlesex $78,140 $28,800 04/06/2023
Town of Milo $87,630 $32,300 07/12/2023
Town of Potter $91,030 $33,550 07/12/2023
Town of Starkey $73,260 $27,000 04/06/2023
Town of Torrey $73,260 $27,000 04/06/2023

The attached exemptions were determined using the latest data available. As more current data becomes available these exemptions are subject to change.

If in the future a revised exemption is determined which is five percent or more different than the exemption indicated, a new exemption will be recertified to that municipality.

Any recertification will occur before the last date allowed by law for the levy of school taxes.