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Confirm that the STAR exemption naming conventions are standardized on the tax bill extracts


School tax bill processors


Before the processing of school tax bills. 


Before issuing a STAR credit, we need to confirm that property owners won’t receive a STAR exemption on their school tax bills.

By standardizing your STAR exemption naming conventions, you’ll help us to efficiently confirm that property owners aren’t already receiving a STAR exemption on their school tax bills.


Please check your tax bill extracts to confirm that only the naming conventions below are used to identify STAR exemptions. If you find other naming conventions, please contact the assessor or county real property tax director who provided the file. 

  • 41834 ENH STAR
  • 41836 ENH STAR
  • 41844 E STAR MH
  • 41846 E STAR MH
  • 41854 BAS STAR
  • 41856 BAS STAR
  • 41864 B STAR MH
  • 41866 B STAR MH


Contact your ORPTS customer service teams.