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2022 Homeowner Tax Rebate Credit: Check Lookup

Note: The homeowner tax rebate credit was a one-year program which ended in 2022. The credit is not available for future years. If you have questions about the program or received a letter regarding your 2022 payment, see:

Homeowners used this lookup to determine the amount they would receive for the homeowner tax rebate credit (HTRC).

Please note, by law, we cannot issue checks for the HTRC that are less than $100. 


For homeowners within New York City

If you are a New York City homeowner, see New York City to find the amount of your HTRC check.

For homeowners outside of New York City

To find the amount of your HTRC check:

  1. Select your county, below.
  2. On the next page, select your city or town.
  3. On the resulting page, find the column that matches the type of STAR benefit you received and your 2020 income.

My county name begins with:






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Learn about the homeowner tax rebate credit

The homeowner tax rebate credit is a one-year program providing direct property tax relief to nearly three million eligible homeowners in 2022. Learn whether you're eligible.

Have questions? Read our frequently asked questions.