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Checklist for dependent care expenses

What you need to reply quickly and completely to your letter using our Respond to Department Notice online service:

  • a digital copy—scanned or uploaded from your phone—of the documentation below, and
  • an Individual Online Services account. (Log in or create an account.)
Documentation for proving your child and dependent care expenses
Required documentation Notes
checkbox image Provide proof of how much money you spent on daycare or childcare for the tax year listed on your letter. Examples include:
  • copies of cashed checks or money orders that were written to and cashed by the daycare or childcare provider
  • copies of bank statements showing electronic transfers to the daycare or childcare provider
  • copies of statements or screenshots showing electronic transfers made through a mobile payment app (for example, Venmo, Cashapp, or Zelle) that are described as Childcare and clearly indicate the payor and the daycare provider names.
  • an itemized statement issued from a licensed daycare or childcare provider listing each payment received and from whom
  • copies of cash receipts received from the daycare or childcare provider at the time of service that can be verified by the New York State Tax Department

(See Form DTF-216, Recordkeeping Suggestions for Child-care Expenses, for more information.)

checkbox image If you received public assistance for childcare:
  • include a copy of the placement notice from the Administration for Children’s Services or the Department of Social Services, and
  • make sure the placement notice indicates the placement date and your parent fee.
Remember to include your corresponding copies of cashed checks.
checkbox If you claimed this credit for a child or dependent over 13 years old, send us a statement from the treating physician indicating that the child or dependent was unable to care for themselves. The statement must be on the physician’s letterhead.
checkbox image If you’re claiming that you (or your spouse) are a full-time student, send us documentation from the school verifying full-time student status. The documentation must be on the school’s letterhead.
checkbox image If you’re claiming that you (or your spouse) are disabled, send us a statement from the treating physician describing the physical or mental disability. The statement must be on your physician’s letterhead.
We cannot accept the following
X proof of money paid by someone else (such as a friend or relative) directly to your daycare or childcare provider
X handwritten receipts that weren’t issued at the time of payment and can’t be verified by the department
X a statement that you made cash payments (or your provider received cash payments) submitted without additional supporting documentation
proof of tuition for private elementary or secondary school

Remember: You don't need a scanner to make copies of your documentation; use your smartphone to take a digital picture.