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Forms corrections and changes: sales tax

Select a tax form from the following list to identify the changes affecting that form. If a form is not listed, there have been no changes affecting that form.

ST-101.7 (7/21)

ST-101.8 (2/06)

ST-101.7 (2/21)

Form ST-101.7 (2/21)Annual Schedule H, for the March 2020 through February 2021 annual filing period contains an error. Wayne County is listed in both Parts 1 and 2. Use the Wayne County jurisdiction line in Part 2 to report the 4% local tax due on sales of qualifying clothing and footwear. Do not make an entry in Part 1 on the Wayne County line.

ST-101.8 (2/06)

Form ST-101.8 (2/06), Annual Schedule T, has been revised to include the taxing jurisdiction, jurisdiction codes, and applicable rates for the Rensselaer School District for the annual sales tax period ending February 28, 2006.