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Department of Taxation and Finance

Form updates - sales tax

Caution: If you downloaded or printed any of the forms listed below prior to the Date Posted listed in the table, you should download or print them again. The form numbers will link to the updated PDF form files.

Form updates - sales tax
PostedForm NumberRevision DateDescription of Change
5/22/06 ST-809 6/06 There was an omission on Form ST-809 (6/06). On page 4, the second line of the address listed under the word No, adjacent to Where to mail your return and attachments, should read JAF Building (JAF is missing). This should not interfere with mail delivery to the appropriate post office box.
2/28/06 ST-101.8 2/06 This form has been revised to include the taxing jurisdiction, jurisdiction codes, and applicable rates for the Rensselaer School District for the annual sales tax period ending February 28, 2006.