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Property tax forms - Sales

Important Notice to Home Buyers

If you are buying residential property and you plan to make it your primary residence, you may be entitled to school tax relief through the New York State STAR credit. To receive this credit, you must register with the Tax Department after you have taken title to the property. For more information, see Register for the STAR credit. Do not file an application for the STAR exemption with your assessor, since new STAR exemptions will no longer be granted. School tax relief is now provided to new applicants through the STAR credit.

Property tax forms - Sales
Form number Instructions Form title
RP-5217-PDF RP-5217-PDF (Instructions) Real Property Transfer Report 
RP-5217-ACR-(City/Town)  (Fill-in) N/A RP-5217 Sale Correction Form (City/Town Assessor)
RP-5217-ACR-Director (Fill-in) N/A RP-5217 Sale Correction Form (County Director)
RP-5217-ACR-Village  (Fill-in) N/A RP-5217 Sale Correction Form (Village Assessor)
RP-5217-App-1 (Fill-in) Instructions on form Application/Agreement for RPS035 Transmittal to ORPTS
RP-5217-CF (Fill-in) N/A Real Property Transfer Report Sale Information Correction Form
RP-5217-Fee N/A Form used by County Clerks for Transmitting RP-5217 Fees to ORPTS