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Personal income tax up-to-date information for 2009 (Articles 22 and 30)

The following changes were not reflected on the forms for 2009 when they went to print.

Select a tax form from the following list to identify the changes affecting that form. If a form is not listed, there have been no changes affecting that form.

  • IT-150, IT-150-X, IT-201, IT-201-X, IT-203, IT-203-X, IT-204, IT-205, IT-213, IT-216, IT-360.1
    Important information for taxpayers who reported Build America Bond interest on their federal returns.
    For additional Information see TSB-M-10(4)I, Treatment of Interest Income from Build America Bonds.
  • IT-204-I
    As a result of changes made to Federal Schedule D (Form 1065), line 6 of the New York source gross income worksheet on page 11 should read as follows:
    Add the gain (not loss) amounts from federal Form 1065, Schedule D, and, if applicable, Schedule D-1, column (f), lines 1 and 7, and the gains (not losses) from lines 3, 4, 9, 10, and 12.
  • IT-204-I
    There is an error in the instructions for line 116b on page 12. The amount determined in the issued instructions must be multiplied by 92.35% to get the correct amount to enter on line 116b.
  • IT-255 
    As a result of a change to Public Service Law section 66-j, the reference to 10 kilowatts (10,000 watts) in the definition of solar energy system equipment, listed under Definitions, should now be read as 25 kilowatts (25,000 watts).  

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