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Personal income tax forms corrections and changes for 2022 (Articles 22 and 30)

The following changes were not reflected on the forms for 2022 when they went to print.

If any of the following updates impact a tax form for which you are responsible for filing, and you have not yet filed such form, you must incorporate these updates when filing such form.

If you have already filed such form, and one of the following updates affects a calculation previously reported, you must file an amended form reflecting such update.

Select a tax form from the following list to identify the changes affecting that form. If a form is not listed, there have been no changes affecting that form.


The Printer-friendly PDF of Form IT-201-I, Instructions for Form IT-201, Full-Year Resident Income Tax Return, has been updated. If you used the Printer-friendly PDF of Form IT-201-I prior to January 12, 2023, please note the following:

On page 51 of the PDF, in each of the three New York City tax rate schedules, the tax rate percentages were rounded incorrectly. The tax percentage rates were rounded to two decimal places instead of three. This error did not affect the html version of the form instructions published on our website.


On page 17, 2nd column, add the following above ES-501:

ES-220   Deductions related to the production and distribution of adult-use cannabis products - See S-220 subtraction modification instruction in Form IT-225-I.