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Department of Taxation and Finance

Forms-user instructions

Adobe Reader (or another program that can open and display PDF files) is required to view and print forms, instruction files, and any other PDF files found throughout this site.  To obtain the latest version of the free Adobe Reader, visit the Adobe Web site.   If you are having problems downloading or printing forms, see our Frequently Asked Questions: Downloading PDF Documents.

  • Some forms are provided with the fill-in feature. You can identify fill-in forms by the (Fill-in) text next to the form number. These forms allow you to enter your personal information directly onto the form. Most fill-in forms do not compute tax, validate math, or verify the information you enter. Be sure to enter and verify all required information (instructions may require some information to be handwritten on the form).
  • For a small number of income tax forms, there is an enhanced fill-in file provided. Those files include some computations and guidance in making certain entries.
  • Even if a PDF file indicates that you may sign it electronically, the Tax Department does not accept this method. All forms must be signed by hand before being submitted.


You can download and print New York State tax forms from this Web site.

  • You need the free Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher to view and print the tax forms. To be able to fill in and save any fill-in forms, you need Reader 11 or later; older versions do not allow users to save a filled in form. 
  • View a form by clicking the link to the form number or use the following steps to download the form:
    1. Right-click on the link to the form number.
    2. Select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As."
    3. Save the form on your computer. Make a note of where you save the form.
    4. Open Adobe Reader.
    5. Select File, select Open, locate the form, and double-click on the saved form file name. 

We provide the forms in either regular or fill-in formats. Fill-in forms are identified by text within the link to the form number. Please note that there is no computation or verification of the information you enter, and you are still responsible for entering all required information, which may include handwritten entries as needed according to the form's instructions (for example, the taxpayer's signature or special marginal notations). Using the free Adobe Reader, you will be able to open the forms, type in your data, and print a completed form to mail to the appropriate address.

Don't forget to hand sign any forms that require a signature and to keep a copy of your signed return for your records; see the return instructions for guidance on how long you need to keep these copies.

To complete a fill-in form, select and open the desired fill-in form. Select the hand tool from the toolbar, place the hand pointer inside the first form field you want to complete, and click your left mouse button. The I-beam pointer should appear and allow you to type in information. To allow for sufficient space in a field for typing characters, please avoid using all capital letters. The arrow pointer or pointing finger allows you to select a field, a check box, or an item from a list. To mark a check box, click the left mouse button (click again to unmark it), or type an X in the box if nothing appears after clicking your left mouse button. Press the Tab key to accept your entry and to move to the next field. Press the Shift key plus the Tab key simultaneously to accept a field and go to a previous field on the form. If you happen to press the Enter or Return key, you may temporarily lose your cursor. Simply click your left mouse button in the field you want and the cursor will return.

You can move around the form without using the Tab key by clicking in any field in which you want to position your cursor. After making all your entries and before you print your form, click your left mouse button on an area of the form that is not a fill-in field so that no data entry field is left active. Active fields containing the blinking I-beam will not print their contents. To print your form, click the printer icon on the toolbar and select the number of copies you would like to have printed for mailing and your own records. Make sure you manually sign (by hand) any forms that have a signature area. Be sure to make and keep a copy of your completed forms after they are signed.

Using Reader 11 or later, you will be able to save your completed forms. With versions prior to that you will only be able to save the blank form.

Caution: When using a public computer (library, computer cafe, etc.), saving your entries may make your personal information available to others. To avoid this, never save your personal information on a form accessed from a public computer.

See Completing fill-in forms above for more information on how to complete the fill-in form before saving.

When you have completed the form, remember to save your information, then print and sign manually as usual.