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Alcoholic beverages tax forms (current year)

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Alcoholic beverages tax forms (current year)
Form number Instructions Form title
MT-38  Instructions on form Application for Annual Filing Status for Certain Liquor, Beer, and Wine Manufacturers
MT-39 MT-39-I (Instructions) Alcoholic Beverages Tax Clearance Return for Tax on Importation of Alcoholic Beverages into New York State for Personal Consumption. Use our online Jurisdiction/Rate Lookup by Address service to determine the applicable sales tax rate to be used on line 6 of Form MT-39.
MT-456 (Fill-in) MT-456-I (Instructions) Alcoholic Beverages Tax Return
MT-456-ATT (Fill-in) MT-456-I (Instructions) New York City Taxable Liters of Liquor and Gallons of Beer
MT-132 Instructions on form Manifest Form for Liquors
TP-125 Instructions on form Application for Temporary License to Import Liquors for Personal Use and Consumption
TP-215 TP-215-I (Instructions) Application for Registration as a Distributor of Alcoholic Beverages
TP-218 Instructions on form Exemption for Alcoholic Beverages Interdistributor Transactions
TP-229 Not applicable Financial Statement of Distributors of Alcoholic Beverages