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Private debt collection

If you do not resolve your tax debt on time, we may proceed with collection action, which can include referring your debt to a private collection agency. If we assign your case to a private collection agency, the agency will contact you on New York State’s behalf.

The current private collection agency for the New York State Tax Department is:

Harris and Harris
111 W. Jackson Blvd, Suite 400
Chicago, IL, 60604
(866) 354-0385

What happens

Before we assign your case to a private agency, we'll send you a letter (DTF-975.1) indicating we may refer your fixed and final unpaid tax debt to a private collection agency.

This letter, and any letter you receive from the collection agency, will contain your collection case ID number. The private collection agency will use this number to confirm your identity, and you may also use it to confirm contacts from the private agency are legitimate. Keep this number in a safe place.

The private collection agency will:

The private collection agency will not threaten you. If the private collection agency acts inappropriately, you may report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

How to resolve

If your case is assigned to the private collection agency, contact them directly to resolve your debt.

You may also make a payment with the Tax Department.