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Tax data

Tax data

Welcome to the Tax Department's data portal.

From here, you can access tax data—filtered for the categories below—on the state's Open Data NY website. Select a category to view the related data sets.

You can also access other tax data below, including data for real property tax on Municipal Profiles, the lists of the top delinquent taxpayers, and statistical and other reports.

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Tax data facts

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Tax facts

Tax facts reports the Tax Department’s latest tax information and trends. As we continue to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, tax collections remain strong. For statistical information about personal income tax, corporate taxes, sales tax, property tax, migration, and Tax Department operations:

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What is open data?

Open data is data the public can freely and easily explore, search, download, and share.

Throughout the year, the Tax Department releases open data about the taxes we administer, the New Yorkers we serve, and the credits we offer.

Most of our open data lives on Open Data NY, where you can access our and other government data, and is presented in charts so you can see the impact of what we do in a user-friendly way. On Open Data NY, you can download statistical information in a variety of formats, as well as search for, sort, filter, and share data.

For more information about Open Data NY, visit NYS Open Data Program Overview.

Tax data profiles

Sales paper

Business tax

Review data sets from business tax returns related to Article 9-A credits, brownfield credits, and the Excelsior Jobs Program tax credits. You can see how many businesses and which industry groups or taxpayers claim these credits.

Business tax data

Sales paper

Personal income tax

Explore statistical information about the child and dependent care credit, earned income tax credit, and real property tax credit; filer demographics; and return information.

Personal income tax data

Sales paper

Property tax and school tax relief

Find historical and current equalization rates and assessment ratios; STAR reimbursement amounts by county and school district; tax exemptions by municipality; and more!

Property tax and school tax relief data

Sales paper

Sales tax

Browse data on the state's taxable sales and purchases and local sales distributions.

Sales tax data

Sales paper

Excise tax

Find data on the sales of cigarette tax stamps to licensed agents.

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Sales paper

Revenue and collections

Learn how much we collect every year in state and local taxes.

Revenue and collections data

Sales paper


Review the current lists of registered New York State tax preparers and facilitators, the retail dealers of cigarettes, tobacco products, and vapor products. Also, see the list of licensed agents, wholesale dealers, and distributors of cigarette and tobacco products.


Tax data additional information

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Municipal Profiles (MuniPro)

Find real property assessment information for New York State counties, towns, cities, and villages. You can view data by county or municipality, and search by SWIS code or municipal name.

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Delinquent taxpayers

View this month's lists of the top 250 individual and business tax debtors, ranked by the total docketed value of their warrants.

Searching for an open tax warrant? Use our Tax Warrants search tool to find open tax warrants in New York State. 

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Statistics and reports

Visit our home for statistics and reports. You’ll find resources for tax collections and statistical reports, as well as the Annual Report on Tax Expenditures.