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Corporation tax resource center

Did you receive Form CT-198, Corporation Tax Account Information?

If you receive Form CT-198, please contact us with your federal employer identification number (EIN) so that we can update your account.

We generate Form CT-198 when a newly formed corporation is added to our records, when a foreign corporation becomes authorized in New York State, and when an identification number or corporate name has recently changed.

Please review Form CT-198. If it doesn’t show your EIN, please enter it. If you find that other changes or corrections are needed, please enter those as well. When you’re done, please contact 518-485-2639 so that we can update your records.

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Maintain your business information

One of your tax responsibilities is to provide your business information and keep it up to date.

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Find other resources

Take a look at the resources and tools we offer to help you do business with New York and with the Tax Department.